Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Generosity Experiment, Part 2

I tried my generosity experiment yesterday (see earlier article), thought I'd share some results.

7:30 a.m.--Received e-mail from a friend asking for prayers. Now, this is a friend who nowadays only e-mails when she needs something and who never responds to my own e-mails, so my tendency is to not respond to hers. However, in keeping with my experiment, I sent her a quick e-mail telling her I was praying for her.

8:15--I let someone cut in front of me in traffic. Still made it to work with plenty of time to spare, and got a great parking space.

9:15--Encouraged someone who I knew was marking a milestone in their job.

12:00--Was invited to a co-worker's house for lunch.

1:20--Received an e-mail from one of my closest friends giving me some much-needed encouragement.

2:20--Even though I was very busy, I made time for an impromptu meeting with another staff member who needed my help with a project she was working on. As it turned out, meeting with her got me out of another meeting that I did not want to go to.

There are probably some more examples that I'm not remembering, but those stand out to me. Time after time, God "repaid" my generosity in unexpected ways. I'm going to try to keep being aware of the need for generosity and how God returns it. If you try this experiment, share your results with me--I love to see and hear evidence of God at work.