Friday, February 04, 2005

Soul Dusting

First, let me give a quick plug for my sister Carrie’s new blog. She is an incredible writer (runs in the family, ha ha) and has a lot of wisdom to share. Take some time to stop by her blog and leave some comments.

Ever have one of Those Days? A day that you wish you could do-over? Today seems to be that way for me. It’s a day that started out with a lot going for it—it’s Friday, it’s sunny and dry for the first time all week, I’m not too crazily busy at work. All indications pointed to it being a really good day.

However, that’s not taking hormonal factors into account. I won’t go into detail, but you ladies know how volatile our emotions can be when hormones start fluctuating. So I was feeling a little blah this morning before I even got to work.

Later in the morning I found out that some plans I’d made for next week were unexpectedly changed. I was quite disappointed, and the emotions kicked into high gear, just amplifying my disappointment. It didn’t take long for me to be seriously bummed out and more than a little sensitive.

Long story short, I ended up ticking off one of my friends, which just added to the day going downhill.

Enter the dust rag. Our office building has been undergoing major renovation for the past few months, and now that it is finally completed, our boss decided that this afternoon we should dust our offices to clear our all the dust that’s been kicked up by construction. Some dust I could see pretty clearly in my office, but there was some dust that I didn’t see until the rag picked it up. Now that my office is cleaner that it has been in a long while, I feel a little better.

I think my soul’s in need of a little dusting itself. Over the past few months God’s been doing some major renovations in me. As He removes things that shouldn’t be there and brings in new things, it can get a little dusty. A rotten attitude, regardless of hormones, needs to be swept out. A gracious and loving attitude needs to be spruced up.

Someone hand me a rag…

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