Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Surprise, Surprise

Don't tell my dog, but I have a big surprise for her. A couple of years ago, my friend and down-the-street neighbor Aleah and I used to meet at the crack of dawn with our dogs and walk around the neighborhood. It was good exercise (especially on the particularly hilly streets), gave us an opportunity to catch up with each other and have accountability time, and also provided our dogs with ample street corners with which to do their business.

For multiple reasons (time, laziness, etc.) we eventually gave up our walking routine, much to the dogs' dismay. But the other day, Aleah asked if I would start to walk with her again, and I agreed. So come Monday, we'll be greeting the sunrise by walking around the neighborhood.

I know that I'll be bringing my dog (Bailey) along with me, but I can't tell her that just yet. It's gotten to where I have to spell out w-a-l-k in front of her, or else she'll start running for the door at the sound of the word. Just seeing her leash sends her into fits of joy as she jumps all over me in anticipation of getting to go for a walk. So I can only imagine the extreme doggy joy that she will experience next week when I get out of bed, get dressed, pick up the leash, and walk her down the street to meet her canine pal Cooper.

I wonder if God sometimes withholds certain plans from us because He knows that if we just heard about it, we'd go into insanely eager fits and would be unable to handle it. We don't often think of God having big plans for us up His sleeves--we figure that if He's not showing us the full picture now, then there's nothing there to show at all. How wrong we are. I believe that God has incredible, amazing things in store for us, things that our earthly bodies and minds are ill-equipped to take in and accept. I wonder if God is as filled with anticipation of showing us His plans as we are in waiting to receive them.


DJG said...

You and Bailey get out there and enjoy the mornings. Who knows one of God's surprises may be waiting out there at the crack of dawn.

(OK, I love sunrises!)

Jenni said...

I like that perspective on God's plans -- it is so hopeful and positive.

Karen said...

Thanks for that perspective... I know I'm guilty of thinking there's nothing coming, when really there are some amazing things just around the bend or over the next hill.