Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Wonder

There are many questions that I have that the Bible doesn't give answers to, at least not directly. I wonder a lot about Jesus' life growing up in Nazareth, dealing with being a divine, perfect being in an extremely imperfect world.

I wonder...
...if Jesus kept His room clean or if He was messy.
...if He wrestled with His brothers and/or Joseph.
...what His voice sounded like when He was going through puberty, if it cracked and sounded all squeaky.
...if He was ever tempted to heal Himself when He had a cold or got a splinter or any other ailment.
...just how often He was tempted to perform a miracle before the wedding feast at Cana. He felt whenever He heard whispers about His mother. often He was tempted to just pack it all in and head back to Heaven. often He thought of me.

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