Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Benefits of Storms

Several months ago, a storm blew through our city, not an unusual occurrence. This one, however, packed a wallop with lots of wind and hail. Thankfully, I happened to be out of town at the time, and thus my car was spared hail damage that so many others suffered. But my roof took quite a beating.

I called my insurance agent who sent a claims adjustor to investigate. Sure enough, like every other roof in my neighborhood, my roof needed to be replaced. The good news was that I didn't have any major holes, no leaks, which was a very good thing considering that roofing companies were quickly inundated with repair jobs and I would have to wait several months to have my roof replaced.

Finally, I got a brand spanking new roof yesterday. I also had the roof on my detatched garage replaced, as well as the rotted decking underneath. I had known for a while before the storm that I'd need to replace the garage roof, and thanks to this storm, my insurance paid for it rather than me having to pay out of pocket. What seemed to be a bad thing (this storm) turned into a benefit for me.

Sometimes the storms that come into our life produce unexpected benefits. At the very least, they can cause us to lean more on God and grow closer to Him--perhaps the greatest benefit we can get, after all. God never allows storms unless they provide some good for us. It may be difficult (or downright impossible) to see the good right away, but He is trustworthy and we can be assured that He is using the storm to bring about blessing for us and glory for Himself.


DJG said...

Good application. My parents are getting a new roof right now too. I am trying to have confidence, but my Dad insist on helping my cousins on top of the Dad has no business on top of a house!!

Anonymous said...

Rick and Bubba were talking about trials this morning and how it hits you that you're about to take a good long walk with God and you're about to learn something... ready or not!