Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Intimacy in Prayer

Tonight I had three friends over for dinner. We ate, laughed, shared what was going on in our lives. We ended the evening by spending time in prayer for each other.

It had been literally years since all four of us had spent time together. One of my friends is married, and the rest of us are single. We all have different jobs and commitments that pull us in different directions. So tonight was especially precious to us as we were able to all get together and enjoy the intimacy of prayer.

To me, there are few things in life as precious as praying with others that I'm close to and sharing that intimate connection to God. Being able to share one another's heartache and hurts and temptations and expectations and bring those before God is so special. And I am always encouraged and my heart lightened when others pray for me as well.

I hope that you are blessed with opportunities to spend time in fellowship and prayer with someone this week. If you don't regularly get to do that, make an effort to do it...and ask God to put someone in your path with whom you can share that bond through prayer.

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Anonymous said...

Our prayer girls group is wonderful. I'm so glad that we're getting together regularly again. Prayer really does pull people closer.