Monday, August 13, 2007

The Psalms

If for some reason I could only have one particular book of the Bible with me for the rest of my life, I'd have to choose the book of Psalms. Not to say that it is more important than any other book, but it is definitely one of my "favorites".

The Psalms just resonate with me. They run the gamut of human emotion, from anguish and despair to humility and appreciation to praise and adoration--sometimes all within the same Psalm. Sometimes the Psalmist seeks protection from and revenge on his enemies. Sometimes he seeks mercy and blessings. Sometimes he simply seeks the face of God.

I love the honesty of the Psalms. Although written by men (including King David), the Psalms, like every other book of the Bible, were inspired by God--and if it's included in the Bible, then it's only because God wanted it in there. That's why it's so encouraging to me to read the gut-level honesty of these Psalms, particularly the ones that are filled with hurt and sorrow and even anger, and to realize that these are not turn-offs to God. We can be honest with Him in our own prayers. We can admit that we're afraid that He's not listening or that He won't come through for us. We can tell Him our deepest desires and not be afraid of His rejection or scorn.

As I spent time in prayer tonight, I found myself expressing a jumble of emotions--confusion, fear, overwhelming love, appreciation, humility. I am so thankful that God can not only handle whatever we throw at Him, but that He welcomes that honesty. It is through this honesty that we deepen our intimacy with Him. Just as honesty in a human relationship breeds trust and a bond, so does honesty with God.

How grateful I am for His inclusion of the Psalms in His Word. They remind me to not be afraid to be "real" in my prayers, and to acknowlege the awesomeness of God at work in my life.

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Tara said...

I am near the end of Psalms and I always think how great it would be to read from this book everyday of the year. It addresses so many of life's challenges in a way only David can. I enjoy so much getting to this part of my yearly reading challenge.