Sunday, September 30, 2007

Seeking Him, Chapter 2

The theme for the second lesson in the Seeking Him study was humility. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I'm finding that humility is truly key to revival. Pride is one of those "domino" sins--it tends to have a domino effect and cause all sorts of other sins.

I learned in this week's study that one of the quickest ways to gauge how prideful we are is by our reaction to being chastened by God. The study's author, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, writes:

"The inclination of our hearts toward pride or humility becomes evident when God brings to our attention something in our lives that is not pleasing to Him. The way we respond to Him in moments of conviction reveals the true condition of our hearts." (pg. 27)

In times when I know that God is speaking to me about a certain behavior and I am reluctant to confess it, or when I start to make excuses for it, or compare it to someone else's behavior, that's pride. It's a hindrance to my relationship with God, because I cannot have intimacy with Him (or anyone else, for that matter) if I allow myself to be prideful. While humility can be an uncomfortable state, it brings about beautiful results.

This week, ask yourself how you respond when God or someone else confronts you about a particular attitude or behavior. Do you respond graciously and humbly? Or do you become defensive and prideful?

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