Saturday, November 17, 2007

Be Careful What You Blog About

The other day I blogged about challenging myself to keep my patience in check and show a gracious and grateful attitude to cashiers and other service staff over the holidays. Wouldn't you know that yesterday I found myself challenged in this particular area not once, but twice?

At one store the line I stood in was at least six people deep, but that didn't seem to faze the cashier. She was as slow as, well, Christmas. At another store, the cashier was faster, but she flung my purchases into the bags and then threw the bags into my cart with no regard for the contents. Luckily only one was breakable, and it seems to have weathered being dropped onto the floor by the cashier and then whipped into a bag and into my cart at lightning speed no worse for the wear.

Sigh. I suppose it wouldn't be a true challenge without some testing along the way, would it? One of these years I am going to do all my holiday shopping over the internet. Maybe order my groceries online too. If I could avoid stepping foot into any store between Thanksgiving and New Year's, that would be sweet...

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