Friday, November 30, 2007

What I'm Doing Tomorrow Morning

On Saturday morning, while many of you are enjoying sleeping in late in a warm cozy bed, I'll be dragging myself out of my own warm cozy bed to participate in the Jingle Bell Run/Walk. But it's for a good cause--it's a fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation.

For the past two or three years our office has put in a team to participate, but I've always had a conflict on race day and until this year had been unable to attend. But tomorrow I'll be there with bells on. (Literally. They give us jingle bells to wear on our shoes. I'm sure it will be cute for the first five minutes and then I'll be ready to scream.)

Despite giving up my one day a week to sleep in late, I'm looking forward to it. I've never walked or run in a 5K, so that will be exciting to get one under my belt. Plus, my co-workers are a fun bunch to hang out with and we always manage to have a good time together, so I am sure that I'll burn nearly as many calories laughing with them as I will walking tomorrow.

For those of you who have arthritis, I hope you're encouraged to know that so many people will be walking and running on behalf of you. And for those who don't have it, like me, I hope you take a moment to thank God for your ability to walk and run freely.


Douglas said...

I found your blog by Blogger-surfing...stop by Crossword Bebop sometime

DJG said...

you go girl!!