Tuesday, December 04, 2007

God Doesn't Always Get What He Wants, Either

Last night as I was reading Philip Yancey's Prayer, this sentence stood out to me:

Rarely do we get everything we want, and I imagine the same holds true for God.

I had never thought of it that way, but it's true. Think of how often we complain and cry because we aren't getting our way, aren't seeing answers to prayers (or at least not the answers we want). And yet if anyone has just cause to complain about not getting what they want, it's God.

He wants all to be saved. Instead, He gets rejected by many.

He wants unity among His church. Instead, He gets bickering and fighting and church splits.

He wants obedience. Instead, He gets rebellion and sin.

He wants us to trust and depend on Him to provide fully. Instead, He gets a bunch of independent-minded folk who want to do things "our way" and only call upon Him if we "really" need Him.

In an odd way, it's comforting to me to realize that God can indentify fully with us when it comes to not getting what we want. He knows all too well the pain of rejection or the heartache of a rebellious child. He does not promise to give us everything we want or fix all our problems. But He does promise to be with us no matter what.


That Girl said...

I hate that I disappoint God so much but I'm glad he has so much patience with me!

Confessing Lunatic said...

I had always heard that Jesus can identify fully with things that we experience because he experienced the same things. I never thought about God identifying with us because He doesn't get what He wants. Very insightful. Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa B.

Snapshot said...

Wow. BIG points there.

I hate that I disappoint anyone, but especially hate that I disappoint God.