Thursday, January 03, 2008

Loving from a Distance

"I do believe there are breaking points in a relationship, and when one of those breaking points occurs, it may no longer be advisable to stick around. Acceptance is not the same as love, so limiting one's acceptance of someone is not the same as loving with conditions. I may ultimately need to put distance between myself and someone whose behavior is unacceptable to me. That distance does not have to mean I no longer love that person unconditionally. It may simply mean it is not healthy for me to be in close proximity to him or her. It is possible to love the person but refuse his or her behavior. It is also possible to love that person but never see him or her again." (Free Inside and Out, Marilyn Meberg and Luci Swindoll)


That Girl said...


You can love someone with all your heart and still not be able to have a relationship.

You just have to do whatever it takes to get you healthy again.

Snapshot said...


God spoke directly to my heart with your post.

Donna said...

Great quote! I totally agree.