Friday, June 06, 2008

Early Birthday Gifts

My birthday isn't until Sunday, but the celebration got an early start last night when several of my friends joined me for dinner at a favorite restaurant. We had a wonderfully refreshing evening of talking, laughing and catching up with each other.

(One small but powerful example of how God not only knows my needs but the desires of my heart as well--before dinner, I'd had a fleeting thought that I'd like to get some new body scrub for the shower. Now, this was certainly not a need, just something my little feminine heart desired. I figured I'd pick some up next time I went to Target or somewhere. Well, at dinner, one of my precious friends gave me some body scrub that smells amazing! I couldn't help but smile at how tenderly God granted even this small request.)

The best part of the night occurred after dinner. We stood just outside the restaurant, and my friends laid hands on me and took turns praying over me. I imagine we got some interesting looks from people walking and driving by, but I didn't care. I was reminded once again of how graciously God has blessed me with not one but many incredibly special friends who pray for me, laugh with me, cry with me, encourage and support me, and who I can lean on anytime.

God's blessings continued to me today. A co-worker and I had a meeting scheduled in Tuscaloosa today. Since we have a life group break on Sunday, I'd already thought about driving up to Birmingham that afternoon to do a little shopping, although I was a little hesitant to spend the gas money. However, my co-worker decided a couple of days ago that, after our meeting in Tuscaloosa, he would drive to north Alabama to visit his family, so he suggested that we drive separately to Birmingham, park my car there and drive together between Birmingham and T-town.

By the time our meeting was over, it would have been quitting time at work had I gone straight back to Montgomery, so I was able to stay in Birmingham and do my shopping today, without having to spend my own money on gas, since I'll get reimbursed for my work trip. Once again, God provided for me in an unexpected way.

The birthday celebration continues...while gifts are always fun to receive, I'm more encouraged by the ways God is demonstrating His love for me. I know that the love shown by my family and friends at this special time in my life is only a drop in the bucket compared to the love God has for me!


That Girl said...

Early Happy Birthday, June bug!

The Khans said...

Happy Birthday Lisa. Glad you had a wonderful dinner. Sorry I missed it, but know we will catch up soon.

Donna said...

those sound like the very best gifts of all...