Sunday, October 26, 2008

Soul Stirrers

I love a good makeover show, and "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" is my current favorite. One of Tim's admonitions to his makeover subjects is to look for clothes (whether new or already residing in their closets) that are "soul stirrers". In other words, clothes that evoke some emotion (preferably good) in the wearer, clothes that you are drawn to and actually want to wear more than once.

I shudder to think of the time and money I've spent in my adult life on clothes that are not "soul stirring". All too often I've purchased clothes that were on sale or a great bargain or that were an impulse buy, worn them once or twice, and promptly regulated them to the back of my closet. Talk about a waste. Granted, there are some necessities--such as tank tops or a pair of khakis--that are more utilitarian and less passion-provoking. But I am learning the art of developing a wardrobe that has fewer items overall but more pieces that I really love, and therefore will wear more often.

This talk of "soul stirring" clothes has gotten me thinking about the rest of my life, particularly in relation to my extracurricular activities. There are certain activities--such as cleaning the toilets or grocery shopping--that are decidedly NOT soul stirrers, but that are necessities nonetheless. However, I currently do have a great deal of free time beyond work and chores. I'm asking myself, what am I doing with that free time that is really feeding my spirit, that is challenging my mind and body, exercising my creativity, evoking passion--i.e., stirring my soul?

That is not to say that I need to make sure that I spend all of my free time only engaging in activities that have a deep, serious purpose. I think there's a time to veg out and watch reality TV or flip through magazines. But I don't want that to be the main activity of my free time. I suppose it's like having a balanced diet--a little junk food now and then is okay, but when it's the main source of nutrition, the body gets out of whack and the health suffers.

So I'm trying to make more time for doing that things that really feed my body, mind and soul, and spend less time camped out in front of the TV. It sounds good in theory, but when I come home after a long day of work more often than not I just want to flip on the TV and veg out for the night. It's a challenge to resist the urge to take the easy way out and spend too much time in mindless activity when it feels like my mind's been challenged all day. But it definitely makes for a healthier life when I do.


DJG said...

I know you have a real serious post...

But that Bama game was a Soul-Stirrer for me on Saturday! Roll Tide!!

Lisa said...

For me too! Next to Auburn, TN is definitely the team I want to beat more than any other (although LSU is moving up in the ranks too). I just wonder if that was the last time we'll play against a team coached by Fulmer...RTR!

Kelley said...

Let me Amen in the Bama stuff and also amen being beat at the end of the day and wishing for more energy to do the good things of life. I'm right there with ya!

The Khans said...

Hey Lisa, congrats on becoming an aunt again. I didn't even realize Carrie was expecting. Congrats. Guess it has been awhile since we have gotten together. We should do that soon.