Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm a planner. Not an anal-retentive, obsessive type (in my opinion, anyway), but a planner nonetheless. I tend to plan out my wardrobe for the week. I plan menus. I plan out my packing lists and shopping lists and Christmas lists.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy spontaneity and surprises (of the good sort). I'm trying to enjoy them more. Once again this week, I've been reminded of the brevity of life and how the things that I plan to do may not always be what God has in store for me.

Unfortunately, many times when something comes up that has the potential to interfere with my plans, I see it as an interruption or distraction, when instead God may intend it to be an opportunity--for growth, for developing new friendships, for learning, for encouragement. That is not to say that we should not plans at all, but I need to be more flexible with those plans and allow God to direct my day rather than stubbornly stick to my agenda.

I'd originally planned on spending today indoors, doing some cleaning and getting rid of some of the clutter that has accumulated from the holidays. However, it's such a beautiful sunny day that I decided to put my cleaning on hold and go to a park for a walk. I also called a friend out of the blue and she invited me to dinner at her house tonight. How thankful I am for these impromptu acts. The dust and clutter can wait. Spending time outdoors today, and with friends tonight, is much more rewarding.

Jesus is the perfect example of someone whose life was in total balance. Even when He was in the midst of plans, He still took time for impromptu encounters with those who needed Him. Let us learn from His example and make the most of every opportunity that God gives us.


Donna G said...

I need to balance a little more with life seems to be an impromptu experience....

The Khans said...

I totally agree Lisa. It was so great to finally get together this evening. I pray it won't be another year before it happens again. Have a great week!

Tara said...

I often wonder if all my planning hinders me from being used by God to my fullest potential. I seem to leave little room for change and that is something I'm trying to work on this year. Great post, as always!