Wednesday, April 15, 2009


During my junior and senior years at Lipscomb University, I had the thrill of working in the Sports Information office. I spent countless afternoons, nights and weekends there, working on promotions for upcoming games, penning news releases, calling in box scores to newspapers after games, and the like. For a sports lover such as myself, it was a dream job, being in such close proximity to the action, particularly during basketball season.

At the time, Don Meyer was the long-time head coach of the men's basketball team. He cared a great deal about his players, and expected a great deal of them. Not long after I graduated, Coach left Lipscomb to become the head men's basketball coach at Northern State. Last fall he was critically injured in a car accident, and during surgery following the accident doctors discovered that he had inoperable cancer. His recovery from the accident and his return to coaching have been nothing less than inspirational, as this recent profile by ESPN shows: .

I'm thankful that Coach's faith and his love for his family have been strengthened through all that he's gone through, and that his life is a powerful testimony to God's faithfulness in adversity.


That Girl said...

What a fun job. I worked in the gym giving out basketballs, pickleball rackets... stuff like that but it was fun.

I've decided my dream job is to be the Director of Football operations at a SEC school!

Lisa said...

Just watch out for those boosters, Terri!

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing that link - I had heard about the accident but didn't know the rest of the story.