Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Lord Will Provide

Last night in our ladies' Bible study we learned about some of the names of God that are used in the Bible. One of the names we discussed is one that I'd heard of before and has become a favorite of mine: YHWH Jireh, which means "The Lord Will Provide." This particular name of God has always spoken to me and reassured me of His abundance.

I learned last night that this name is used in Genesis 21, when Abraham takes his son, Isaac, to the mountain to sacrifice him as a burnt offering at God's request. When Isaac asked where the lamb for the burnt offering was, Abraham replied, "God himself will see to it."

Last night I realized that so often I lack the confidence that Abraham had that God will see to my needs. Much of my prayer time is focused on pouring out my complaints and requests before God--which I know He wants to hear. But so little of that time is spent praising God for knowing that He not only CAN but WILL provide. On my way home from Bible study, I began praising and thanking God in advance for the ways that He was going to answer my prayers and deal with the trials that I face. I still don't know how He's going to handle them, but I am thankful that He IS going to provide in His time and in His ways.

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That Girl said...

He handles it every single time!