Monday, July 20, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Three friends and I recently began a study of the Neil T. Anderson book, The Bondage Breaker. Our first meeting was last week, and we spent some time sharing the lies that Satan tells us. One by one, we went around the table and named the lies that are most often hurled at us by the Accuser.

As we rattled off one lie after another, we found ourselves nodding our heads in agreement and saying "He tells me those lies, too." We found that we have nearly all of the same lies in common, lies such as:
  • You have nothing to offer.
  • You'll always be alone.
  • No one wants you.
  • You're a bother.
  • You're not (good enough, smart enough, attractive enough....fill in the blank________)

One of the Enemy's tactics is to convince us that we're all alone, that no one will understand or, more importantly, care about whatever it is that's bothering us. So we shut our mouths and keep our worries and fears and pain inside, as to avoid risking rejection or being seen as a nuisance. It's only when we finally open up and allow others to see us--the good, the bad and even the ugly--that we can truly overcome these lies.

What lies has Satan hurled at you? Have you found others who can identify with those same lies?

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