Monday, August 10, 2009

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

There are times when I take on too much, try too hard to make things happen. In those times I often hear God say, gently but firmly, "Cease striving." It's tough sometimes to take my hands off the wheel and let Him steer, particularly when He seems to be veering off my carefully mapped-out course. And yet He always leads me to a place that is far greater than what I would have chosen, although it admittedly takes some time to recognize that.

While I often struggle with too much action, by the same token I also struggle at times with not taking action when I should. I can talk and plan and dream all day long about being a writer, but I'm not going to wake up one morning with a finished manuscript sitting on top of my desk. While I need to be willing to yield to God's plan for my life, in every area of my life, that does not mean I am to do nothing.

One of the ways I get tripped up is in not being able to see the outcome from the get go. I'm learning that being a good writer--or, for that matter, working toward any dream--does not mean I have to figure everything out before I get started. Indeed, the story will unfold as I write it. It will take unexpected twists and turns. I may think that I'm approaching the ending, only to discover that another chapter is ready to leap out of my head and through my fingers onto the keyboard.

Writing is not the only area where I've let uncertainty about the future keep me immobilized. I have some big goals and dreams, and too often I've let myself get overwhelmed with the logistics of it all and trying to figure out how to get from here to there as if I have to get there in one fell swoop. I'm trying to take small actions, little by little, step by step, toward these goals and dreams. It's time to stop doing so much talking and start taking action.


The Khans said...

You certainly are a great writer Lisa. I love reading your posts and know that God will Bless your endeavors.

Lisa said...

Aww, thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement. I love reading your blog too and seeing the pics of the boys--can't believe how big they are! We'll have to get together soon to catch up.