Sunday, November 01, 2009


I wonder if Abraham was ready to leave his homeland when God told him to go in Genesis 12. There's no indication that Abraham hesitated when instructed by God to pack up his family and belongings and to launch out on a journey to an unknown place. Perhaps he did waiver in his faith a bit; perhaps he really wrestled with the thought of leaving the place he was familiar with, comfortable with, the place that, for better or for worse, was his home.

Then again, maybe Abraham was ready to be uprooted, ready for whatever adventure God had planned for him. Maybe he had grown tired of the familiar landscape and was itching for some change in his life.

I am hopeful that one day in Heaven I'll be able to sit down and talk with Abraham and find out how he felt when God told him to go to a place where God would eventually show him. Was he excited? Scared? Ready for a new chapter in his life? Wary? Perhaps all of the above.

For a while now I've felt a desire for some changes in my life. I'm not sure if that's God preparing me to be uprooted and thrown into a new chapter, or if I'm just itching for change. I have a feeling it's more of the former. I think that God tends to do some prep work on us before asking us to follow Him to a new place. So perhaps this desire for change is a precursor to some changes ahead. Time will tell. When God DOES call me to move (whether to a new city, a new job, a new church, or making some other changes in my life), I want to show the same sort of faith that Abraham exhibited in picking up and following where God led him.

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Tara said...

My problem comes later. I love new adventures, or at least the idea of them as Alex says. The rub for me is not getting weary in waiting for the feeling of permanence.

I love to settle in long-term and when moving there is always an element of temporary as you get settled in. That is where we are now. I feel like I'm in a holding pattern.

Then I am gently reminded that life is a holding pattern. This world is temporary and I should not get so attached to it's permanence.