Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Review: Your Money God's Way

My latest Booksneeze review is of Your Money God's Way by Amie Streater. I've read several financial books over the years, from Dave Ramsey to Suze Orman. While many financial books (such as theirs) focus on the practicalities of money management, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Streater's book digs down deeper to address the emotional triggers behind money management (or mis-management) while also providing practical advice.

Streater is an associate pastor of financial stewardship for a church in Colorado, but her knowledge of making poor decisions regarding money comes firsthand. In the book she shares her own struggles with credit card debt and living way beyond her means. Her journey from debt to financial freedom has, I believe, given her greater credibility and makes her more relatable, which is a definite plus when dealing with what can be a very touchy subject.

Steater discusses seven myths that Christians often buy into (no pun intended) when it comes to dealing with money. She counters these myths with plenty of Biblical truths, which I appreciated. She shares stories of some of the people she's counseled over the years and discusses the myths they were buying into and the mistakes they made with their finances. At the end of each chapter she provides some summary points to remember and gives a list of solution steps to take to help put what you've read into action. There's also a prayer at the end of each chapter.

Books on finance can sometimes be rather dry, but I enjoyed Streater's honest, heartfelt writing style. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is but rather than feeling like I'd been beatdown about my finances, I felt encouraged to take more responsibility and make some positive changes as a result.

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