Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the Mood

I'm trying to live a more intentional life without finding myself falling into a rut. That's a hard line to walk at times. This morning I was thinking about circumstances where I tend to act according to my mood at that particular time. While spontaneity can often be a rewarding thing, sometimes it can cause trouble.

Case in point--my wardrobe. On Sunday nights I usually make a mental list of what I intend to wear to work each day, making sure that each item is washed and (if necessary) ironed so that I don't run into any unwelcome surprises when I get dressed in the morning. However, lately I've found myself changing my mind in the morning about what I want to wear that day, and so I go through my closet trying to find another outfit that I "feel like" wearing. I realize that I'm extremely blessed to have so many clothing items to choose from (too many, really) but I keep changing outfits it's hard to get out the door and make it to work on time.

Another example--food. Many times I'll bring a healthy lunch to work or plan to go home for lunch for something cheap and wholesome. But then a co-worker can invite me to go out eat Mexican or some other favorite food, and suddenly it's adios healthy lunch, hola enchiladas verdes. That ends up not only wreaking havoc on my diet but on my wallet as well.

It's hard to find that balance between being spontaneous and sticking to my well-thought-out plans. Does anyone else find it hard to find that balance?


That Girl said...

I love ruts! I am very regimented and structured - it gives me a little peace when all the other parts of life are out of control. I didn't become this way until I was divorced. Life seemed so crazy that I just HAD to control something.

I take the wardrobe thing a little farther... on Sunday afternoons, I actually write down on my calendar what I'm going to wear. I do that because it doesn't take me as long to get ready when everything is cleaned and pressed and planned.

There are enough out of control things in my life to balance my wardrobe issues!

Donna G said...

I hate ruts! I love to be spontaneous. But, when I do need structure as in dieting and exercising I can get very structured. I just fall into the all or nothing catagory sometimes...

Harrell Hijinks said...

yep! food is a biggie for me too. i can make a perfectly healthy meal to feed the fam. and then sit down and eat chocolate chased with chocolate milk.... and eat a chocolate chip cookie for dessert! seriously?

i try to be a good steward of what i have been blessed with but..... sometimes, i'm pathetically human!

Anonymous said...

I can relate. In a rut here.