Thursday, October 28, 2010

Read and Leap

Whenever I'm contemplating making big changes that require a pretty big leap of faith, it always encourages me to read stories of others who took a leap of their own and lived to tell about it (and who, indeed, had their lives transformed by God in ways beyond their wildest dreams). Here are some links to a few blogs that I regularly follow who lately seem to be living out this theme of turning their lives over to God and allowing Him to do big things:

My friends Betsy and Chad are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. They already have three beautiful boys of their own, but a year or so ago felt called by God to add to their family through international adoption. Just last week they moved to the head of the adoption list and received pictures of their precious new daughter. Go here to read the story of their journey, and please keep them and baby Addison in your prayers.

• Kristen of We Are That Family is on a journey with her own family to help pregnant girls in Kenya by opening Mercy House. Although I don't know Kristen personally, I really appreciated at this post on jumping into the hands of God.

• Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like cracks me up with his astute and often biting commentary on Christian culture, but he also writes some very serious and thought-provoking posts. I particularly love this post on ignoring the soundtrack of doubt that threatens to derail us when we face challenges.

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