Saturday, December 11, 2010

Buffet or Signature Dish?

The other day I was listening to a podcast of Pastor Chris Hodges from Church of the Highlands. [Quick sidenote: Chris Hodges is quickly rivaling Andy Stanley as my favorite pastor to hear preach. I may have to call it a tie.]

In his sermon, Pastor Hodges said that Church of the Highlands is more like a Ruth's Chris Steak House than a Golden Corral. His point was that they try to focus on doing a few things really well as opposed to having an endless buffet of programs and activities.

Although he was referring specifically to COTH, that comparison made me think about the kind of life I want to live. Many days I feel like I'm pulled in a hundred different directions and doing a lot of activity but not necessarily accomplishing a lot. I want to refocus on the things that truly matter and spend more time and thought on fewer activities and projects. Easier said than done, I realize, but definitely a goal to work toward.

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Harrell Hijinks said...

love the analogy!!!! me thinks i may borrow that one :)