Friday, November 16, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

It was around this time last year that I learned that a little girl named Karlie was critically ill at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Karlie is the daughter of one of our main contacts at a printer we frequently use here locally and we have several mutual friends and acquaintances.

Many, many people began fervently praying for Karlie's health. I asked you to pray for her, too. I'm sure there were people around the world lifting her up in prayer around the clock as she faced surgeries, setbacks and complications for several months.

All praise to God, Karlie finally went home from the hospital a few months ago and has been making great strides in her recovery. In fact, she's well enough that her parents planned a trip to every little girl's dream come true, Walt Disney World. Some incredibly generous friends found out about the family's plans and decided to pay the expenses so that Karlie, her sister and her parents could truly have an incredible, much-deserved vacation.

One of Karlie's parents' friends has been writing about this trip to Disney--you can read about it here. Don't miss the video on the third post where Karlie and her big sister find out that they're leaving right away for Disney World--their emotions are priceless!

And if you really want your heart to melt, just take a look at this picture that was posted on Facebook today of Princess Karlie dancing with Prince Charming at dinner:

Not all dreams come true, of course, but sometimes, they really do.

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