Monday, February 11, 2013

High and Low

My high point from the past few days was competing in another 5K and finishing with one of my best times to date. 

I felt strong, powerful, tired but energetic at the same time afterward.

My low point from the past few days was indulging in one of these this afternoon:

That's a dark chocolate strawberry Krispy Kreme, in case you're wondering. A certain someone brought a dozen assorted donuts to share with her co-workers today--and that someone was ME, so I only have myself to blame. It was a pretty good (and extremely messy) donut, although I still prefer the good ol' chocolate iced kreme filled. But I'm not sure it was worth all the calories and the guilt that I felt afterward. 

I'm still trying to find that balance between taking care of my body, getting plenty of exercise and rest and healthy food, and allowing myself to indulge in treats without feeling guilty or overdoing it. It's hard sometimes to enjoy sweets (my weakness) without letting one treat turn into two or three and totally derail my healthy eating efforts. A lot of times when I eat unhealthy at one meal or for one snack I decide that my diet's shot for the day and just give myself free rein to eat whatever I want the rest of the day, rationalizing that I'll get back to healthy eating the next day. That is not a good attitude to have toward anything in life, whether eating or handling money or dealing with sin. 

Do you have an easy time getting back on track--with healthy eating/exercise or any other good habit--after having a momentary lapse? Or do you struggle like me to find the balance and get back to doing what is best?

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Carrie from Talking In Space said...

I have the same problems. Not so much with the chocolate/strawberry doughnut but the dark chocolate one is to die for! : ) I have a habit of telling myself I will start eating healthier or start a exercise program only on Mondays. I'm sure that is related to my procrastination issues. Maybe if we look at it as a minor setback or even just an "adjustment" to our diet, we'll feel less defeated?