Monday, December 09, 2013

Back in Time for Mundane Monday

Say, do you remember the time when I said that "Writers write" and declared that I would henceforth step up my writing and not be so focused on coming up with some profound bits of wisdom to share but would write whatever God put on my heart at that particular moment and just revel in practicing the craft of writing? And then after a flurry of blog activity I dropped off the face of the earth?

I wish I could offer some excuse that makes me sound like my life has been too incredibly fulfilling in order to stop and write. You know, some reasonable excuse like I've been busy feeding refugees in some third world country or curing cancer. Instead, my excuses are the usual: I'm too brain fried when I get home from work most days to string together anything remotely worth reading about. I'm too busy catching up on past episodes of "The Good Wife". My life is so mundane that if I wrote about my day-to-day activities I'd fall asleep from boredom just writing about it. 

Every time over the past month that I've kicked myself for not writing, I've consoled myself with the thought that my sister was also on writing sabbatical. You see, I have a little sidebar on the right of the screen that lists blogs that I frequently read, and it re-populates every time somebody updates their blog. And according to it, my sister had not updated her blog in three months, so I was at least content with the idea that I was not as big a slacker as she obviously was.

That is, until today, when I discovered that said sidebar had at some point gone haywire, and for whatever reason her blog posts were not being recorded. And she HAS in fact been writing pretty consistently over the past three months and is not the slacker that I thought her to be. {Sigh.}

And so I now I'm back, and I pinky-promise that I'm going to try to write more regularly, without getting all legalistic about it. Since I sometimes get hung up on the idea that I need to come up with something deeply profound to share with the masses, I think I'll go the opposite route and declare today Mundane Monday. So here are a few mundane thoughts rolling around in my head at the moment.

• Am I the only one who doesn't love it when Christian radio stations play secular Christmas music? On a Christian station I expect to hear classics like "Joy to the World" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and "Do You Hear What I Hear?". It's a bit disconcerting to have them segue from "O Holy Night" to "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas". If I wanted to hear secular music, I'd switch to a secular station. Bah humbug, I know.

• I have really developed a great fondness for "The Blacklist", namely because of one Mr. James Spader. I'm not the only one; my sister and mother are now watching it, and we have a little "Blacklist" review club at work (6 members and counting) that gathers each Tuesday morning for a quick de-briefing of the previous night's episode. Bonus: Mondays are a bit more tolerable when I have a new episode to look forward to that night. Which makes tonight a bit of a bummer since it's on hiatus til mid-January. On the plus side, NBC has already announced that it's order a second season of "The Blacklist", so it looks like we'll get to enjoy Mr. Spader's intensity for a good long while.

• I don't think I've gotten as many comments on any Facebook post as the one I posted last week about my anti-"Sound of Music" remake stance. The majority of commenters agreed with me, although there were a couple who said they were actually looking forward to seeing how the remake would reach a new generation, most notably Carrie Underwood's interpretation of the role of Maria. From the recaps I read afterward the consensus seems to be an "A" to Underwood and NBC for effort, but not such a high mark for the actual result. Perhaps if I'd never seen the original movie I'd have more love for this latest version, but it's hard to not make comparisons. As I said on Facebook, to me there will always be only one Maria, and that is Julie Andrews. Feel free to disagree.

• Is anyone else feeling "Anchorman 2" fatigue? I thought the original movie was hilarious [warning if you haven't seen it: there are some fairly raunchy bits in it; it's not what I'd call family friendly entertainment] and have been anticipating the sequel's release next week, but I'm afraid it's going to be a bit of a let-down. It seems like everywhere I turn there's Ron Burgundy--selling Dodge Durangos! hosting "Sports Center"! playing jazz flute on Jimmy Fallon!--and I feel like it's "Anchorman" overload. It smacks a bit to me of desperation, of trying too hard to entice us to watch the sequel, which makes me somewhat fearful that the sequel is going to be a big disappointment, as sequels often are. I'm now on the fence about whether to see it in the theater or wait til it comes out on Redbox. Maybe I'll just wait to hear what the reviews say.

Feel free to comment on anything above or chime in with your own mundane thoughts. No profound words today, please--you don't want to intimidate me on my first day back in the writing saddle.

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