Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Review: I Quit Sugar

For someone with a huge sweet tooth such as myself, reading a book titled I Quit Sugar is a bit daunting. But, despite the sweet tooth, I'm also someone who tries to eat healthy as much as possible and limit my sugar fixes, so I was interested in reading about how Sarah Wilson kicked her own sugar habit.

Wilson opens the book with sharing some background on why she chose to eliminate sugar from her diet. She then provides an 8-week guide for quitting sugar. I was glad to see that she advocates more of a "step-down" method as opposed to going cold turkey right off the bat. With each week she offers some tips for overcoming cravings and several recipes to incorporate into your diet as you adjust to a sugar-free (or less sugar) diet.

The bulk of the book consists of more than 100 recipes, ranging from breakfast items to dinners to snacks and--yes!--even desserts. I have yet to test drive any of these, but there are quite a few that I am eager to try.

Overall, I found the book to be an interesting and entertaining read (of course, I'm the sort that loves to sit and read cookbooks). I'm not sure yet if I'm ready to take the plunge in following Sarah's 8-week program, but I am pretty sure that I'll at least incorporate some of the tips and recipes that she provides in the book. And who knows, I may one day join her in the no sugar camp for good.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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That Girl said...

I'm beginning to feel like I live in the old days when I commented on everything you wrote!

I am currently in the "no sugar" camp! I began May 1. I don't know about the book but turning 50 (really 45) cut out all weight loss for me. I can run, walk, lift weights... nothing takes the pounds off so I knew that I had to cut the food intake.

I cut out white. No pasta (my favorite of all time) no potatoes, no bread, no corn, no processed sugar. I have had some fruit and I ate a very small portion of spaghetti for Mr. Riley's birthday supper.

I don't crave it - I didn't even have birthday cake! My office brought veggies and fruit! Seriously, I made a batch of fudge and didn't eat a piece of it!

I've only lost 7-8 pounds since May 1 but I haven't suffered at all. Ok, the first week of eggs, meat, and cheese was tough! I have heard that you only crave what you eat and right now, I crave vegetables! Salads, steamed vegetables, a vegetable soup that I make... I'm good.

I feel good. I sleep good. I have plenty of energy for the morning wogs (walk/jog) that Mr. Riley and I take at 6:00 a.m.

Forgive my hijacking of your blog... :)