Sunday, January 30, 2005

Welcome, Jason!

My dear friend Jason has started a blog. I've told him repeatedly that he needed to start one; guess the nagging paid off. He's a very gifted writer whose very deep thinking challenges me and stirs my own imagination. Take a moment to check out Jason's blog.

Jason and his wife Susan are two of my closest friends in the world. I've known Susan since we were children, but our friendship didn't really develop until four or five years ago. We've been prayer partners for a long time now and still share prayer requests via e-mail every Tuesday. I've known Jason for less time, but our friendship is solid as well. He's become somewhat of a big brother to me, which is a little odd considering that I'm older than he is. But he and Susan both possess a wisdom and insight far beyond their years.

They've have been awesome examples of Jesus to me. We've eaten out together, watched movies and football games together, laughed and cried together. They gave me an enormous amount of emotional and spiritual support, encouragement and wisdom during a recent heartache. We've celebrated victories and shared burdens together.

Last fall, Jason and Susan and their precious baby daughter moved to Virginia. While I hated to see them leave, we all knew that God was leading them in a new direction. It hasn't been easy for them to leave their friends and family behind and adjust to a new life, but I think they'd both agree that this transition has caused them to lean more on God, and that it truly has tested and strengthened their faith in His provision.

If you're blessed enough to have friends like these who know you so well and support you, take some time to thank them for their friendship.

Jason and Susan, thanks again for your incredible friendship; God has richly blessed me through it. And Jason, welcome to bloggerdom--hope you enjoy it!

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