Wednesday, April 13, 2005

American Idol

It's official: I'm addicted to "American Idol." Okay, perhaps addicted is a strong term--I haven't been taping the "reveal show" on Wed. nights while I'm at church, and I haven't planned my schedule around it (not really, anyway!). But I've gotten into it more this season than I have since season two, when Alabama's own Ruben Studdard won it all.

There's something fascinating about watching these contestants get up on a stage in front of millions of viewers and belt out tunes, only to be ripped to shreds (for the most part) by Simon afterward. (I just thank God that Simon isn't the one I'll be speaking to on the day of judgment--can you imagine??).

After being raked across the coals by Simon last night, one of the contestants pointed out that at least he had the guts to get up there and try, whereas millions of other people were sitting at home. Ouch! Gotta at least give him credit for that. How often do I sit back and observe other's behavior and criticize them for something that I don't have the nerve to try myself? I can be pretty critical without realizing it sometimes.

Yes, God can even use "American Idol" to convict me...


DJG said...

Ouch! I am guilty of that criticism myself....and I admit I am also semi-addicted. But tell me, are you pulling for Bo? I think the reason he fell to the bottom two was because I was playing tennis and couldn't vote!!

Lisa said...

I am pulling for Bo, have to root for a fellow Alabamian (especially one that has all his teeth!). But my boyfriend's also a big Anwar fan, so I'm rooting for both. Can't wait for the finals!