Friday, April 15, 2005

There Is a God...and I'm Not Him

I'm having a pretty good week. Several of my friends, on the other hand, are not. Some are dealing with problems and stress at work. Some are dealing with divorce. Some are dealing with loneliness and depression. Some are dealing with feeling distant from God.

My nature is to be a fixer--I hear about these problems, and my first instinct is to DO something. I want to be the encourager, the comforter, the supporter. And yet, those roles are already taken by someone far, far more wise and understanding than I am.

God, manifested through the Holy Spirit, is THE Comforter. Only He can truly provide the peace and love and joy and healing that the people in my life need. HE is the Source; I am merely a conduit (one of many) that He mercifully uses at times to help others.

I sometimes get frustrated because I feel inadequate to help. Someone very wisely pointed out to me recently that I SHOULD feel inadequate; it is in those times that only God is capable of providing help.

Slowly but surely, I'm learning to leave my friends and their struggles, hurts and trials in God's hands.

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DJG said...

Were you captured by the "tax-day" monster???