Monday, May 09, 2005

God Hears and Answers

You would think that after having been a Christian for more than 17 years now, I wouldn't be too surprised when God answers prayers anymore. Well, think again. Despite my church upbringing, Bible classes, devos, personal study time and countless hours spent in prayer, God continues to blow me away sometimes. I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing; I hope I never reach the point of seeing God as predictable.

I mentioned in my last posting that I was having a stressful week. Thankfully, the week steadily improved, due in no small part to the prayers of friends and family who interceded on my behalf. God bless them. As the week progressed, it seemed that God was one step ahead of me, anticipating my needs and providing for them before the words were barely out of my mouth to ask Him. It's an incredible feeling to know that He truly does care.

Over the weekend, God continued to confirm His love and care for me. The other day someone made a remark to me that sort of rubbed me the wrong way. It was stupid, really, but still hurt my feelings. I didn't say anything at the time, but later the words came back to me and I found myself licking my wounds and wondering what catty, pointed remark I could make to let this person know that they'd hurt me and they'd better cough up an apology, pronto.

THANKFULLY, God stopped me from saying anything. I decided to leave the matter in His hands. I would trust that if it was worth getting bent out of shape about, then God would convict that person about it. Otherwise, I was to let the matter drop. WAY easier said than done, I might add.

A few hours later, that person called and, in the midst of our conversation, suddenly apologized for the remark. I was overwhelmed with how perfectly God arranged that situation, so that I didn't try to coerce an apology out of them. Taking the matter to God and waiting on Him was SO much better than if I'd let the wound fester or if I'd acted like a hypersensitive brat. Again, God reminded me that He hears and knows what's going on in my life, and that He cares enough to act on my behalf. Even in seemingly petty little matters.

Whatever this week holds, good or bad, I'm thankful that God has been so evident to me lately and that He'll be with me no matter what I face. Hope your week is filled with evidence of God!

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