Thursday, June 09, 2005

Flowers from God

Yesterday on my way to work, I was doing my usual morning prayer time. (Yes, I DO pray with my eyes opened while I'm driving!) Anyway, as I prayed over my day, asking for the typical blessings (productive workday, few distractions, etc.), I kept thinking about flowers. You see, yesterday was my birthday. I knew that I'd be getting plenty of cards and gifts from friends and family, but I was also hoping to get some flowers.

I felt rather sheepish asking God for flowers. I mean, I didn't NEED them. It wasn't like I wasn't expecting any gifts. I knew that I was loved and appreciated. But for some reason, that desire was on my heart. So I asked.

Less than an hour later, my mom and niece showed up at work with a pot of velvety deep purple African violets. Answered prayer! As if that wasn't enough, a couple of hours after that, a bouquet of flowers arrived from some dear friends in Texas.

How good God is to not only meet my needs, but also to fulfill the desires of my heart, no matter how petty they may seem to me! Maybe this year I'll open my heart more to God, to trust Him with EVERY desire I have.

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DJG said...

I truly think that is what he wants. For us to share every bit of our life with him, and to live it with him in our minds and our hearts.

Glad you got your flowers.