Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veteran's Day!

I consider myself a pretty patriotic person. I tend to get a little teary-eyed during a color guard presentation or the singing of the national anthem at ballgames. (Yep, I'm cheesy like that.) American history was one of my favorite subjects in school (perhaps it stems from having a father who taught American history). I've always enjoyed hearing and reading about how our country was formed and historical events that have shaped us.

Today is Veteran's Day. To many people, it's a day off from work. (Not me, unfortunately.) Hopefully, to many more, it's a great deal more important that that. It's an opportunity to acknowlege the sacrifices that millions of men and women throughout history have made so that I can sit here sipping coffee and typing on my blog without fear of attack or arrest for freedom of speech. I can sit and worship at church on Sunday without an army rushing in to persecute us for openly worshipping God.

It's so easy for me to take for granted the freedoms that I enjoy as an American. Granted, our nation is far from perfect. I don't always agree with the decisions that our local, state and national leaders make. But guess what? I have the freedom to disagree with them. I have the freedom to stage a protest if I want.

There are veterans in my family. I have friends who are veterans. There are leaders in my church and co-workers who are veterans. My life is touched in so many ways, many that I am unaware of, by people who were willing to lay down their own lives so that others could have a better life.

To all you veterans out there, thank you, and God bless.

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That Girl said...

Thank you to everyone who has served our country in military service!