Sunday, January 29, 2006

Biblical Time Machine

There are many moments in Biblical history that I wish I could be transported into, to be a fly on the wall and see the action firsthand.

The creation, for instance--can you imagine anything more breathtaking than that?

Or the parting of the Red Sea. Or the fall of Jericho. Joseph's reunion in Egypt with his brothers. The magnificent construction of the temple. The donkey talking to Baalam. The soap opera-like story of Esther.

Jesus feeding the 5,000. Raising Lazarus. Any of Jesus' miracles, for that matter.

And of course, Jesus' resurrection.

Then there are some moments where I'd just rather not be present. The 10 plagues--I don't think I could stand being around all the flies and gnats and boils and all that. Plus, Pharoah's extreme stubbornness would peeve me off.

The crucifixion. I just don't think I could stomach it. Watching "The Passion" (and "The Chronicles of Narnia") was hard enough. The real thing had to have been infinitely more intense. Watching someone who I loved suffer and die--and knowing that I was the cause of that agony--would be too much to bear.

So, if you could go back in a Biblical time machine of sorts, where would you want to stop? And what are you grateful to NOT see firsthand?


That Girl said...

I would love to see Solomon's Temple but, I don't think I'd be interested in seeing Jael take the hammer and tent peg to that guy's head...

DJG said...

I would love to have seen the transfiguration, or the spirit descending like a dove.

I would skip seeing John be-headed.