Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In Memoriam

In the past month I've attended two memorial services, one for a man in his early 90s, the other for a woman in her late 20s. Although their lives varied greatly in the amount of time spent on Earth and their life circumstances, both were beautifully eulogized by their family and friends. Through each of these services I learned more about them, and about the great impact that they had on those around them.

I can't help reflecting on my own life, and wondering how I will be eulogized at my own funeral. How will I be remembered? And how can I live in such a way that the legacy I leave behind is one of love and faith? What can I do with my life to create an impact that spans time and death?

O God, teach me to live the life that I want to be remembered for.


Jon said...

Attending memorial services is generally a melancholy-producing event for me. I often wonder what people would say of me as well.

I agree with you that I want to live a life, not to receive the praise of men at my memorial service, but to receive the "well done, good and faithful servant." from Jesus Christ.

I do, quite honestly, hope that the legacy I leave will be one that is spoken of with great fondness and love. I believe that is only a byproduct of living a Godly life.

DJG said...

I love your sentence prayer. We should all remember to live our lives that way.