Saturday, September 01, 2007

All that You Can't Leave Behind*

Whenever I travel I have a tendency to overpack. The trip I'm setting out on today will be by car, which gives me even more room to pack since I won't have the strict baggage restrictions that the airlines impose.

I'm trying to leave behind worry, which is never a pleasant thing to drag along with you on a trip (or in everyday life, for that matter). One thing on my mind is a project at work that is moving more slowly and not as successfully as we would like. My co-workers reassured me that they'd be able to take care of it while I'm gone, so I'm trying to let go of it and not worry about it.

Over the years I've gotten better at being able to leave work at work and not mentally cart it home with me at night, so hopefully I'll be able to forget all about it while on my trip. And hopefully no one from the office won't be calling me.

If I do start to worry, I'll just repeat to myself, "God is in control. God is in control...". That's probably a good thing to repeat to myself every day, come to think of it.

I hope that you all enjoy your holiday weekend. I'll be taking a break from blogging while I'm traveling, but will be (Lord willing) back soon.

*The title's for my sister, an avid U2 fan.

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DJG said...

Hope you have a great trip!