Friday, September 07, 2007

It's All About the View

I'm home now after spending a few days vacationing in Savannah and Charleston. Our trip got off to a somewhat auspicious start--we took a detour (unplanned) on our way to Savannah, which put us getting there a couple of hours later than expected. When we stopped for a bathroom break, a woman getting into the car next to us opened her car door too wide and put a ding in the side of my friend's brand new car. And it rained cats and dogs much of the way there and all night in Savannah, making navigating from the hotel to a restaurant for dinner somewhat of a risky venture.

Thankfully, I was traveling with someone who has a knack for recognizing the unexpected good things we encountered, and who was quick to praise God for them. Things like the fireworks show we saw from our hotel balcony on Labor Day in Charleston, the pod of dolphins swimming alongside our boat as we took a harbor cruise, finding ideal parking places in crowded cities and experiencing beautiful weather the rest of our trip after a day and a half of rain.

I have to admit that sometimes it's easy for me to focus on the negatives, and that can make it difficult for me to recognize the positives that God is trying to show me. I'm thankful that He provided a traveling companion who helped me view the positive things this week.

May your day be filled with blessings--and may you have the vision to recognize them and to praise the Giver of them!


Tara said...

Savannah and Charleston have to be two of the most beautiful places in the South. A friend and I went to Charleston several years ago and also enjoyed the dolphins on a cruise. Alex and I went to Savannah last fall and regretted that we didn't have more time to spend and explore. There are so many of God's creations around us that go unnoticed if we don't take the time to enjoy them. I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip.

DJG said...

Glad you had a good time and still got home in time to watch the Tide Roll tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're home safely, too!