Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Deer and NASCAR Don't Mix

Overheard at the salon tonight as I got my haircut, a conversation between a little boy (about 7 years old) and his mother:

Son: Can we put a deer head on our wall?

Mom: I'm not putting a deer head on our wall.

Son: Can I put one on my wall then?

Mom: It wouldn't go in your room with all your NASCAR stuff.

Son: We could get a helmet for the deer head. Do they make helmets for deer heads?

Mom: No, they don't.

Son: Then how we would get one?

Mom: We'd have to get a deer helmet specially made.

For some reason, the thought of a special-order deer racing helmet absolutely cracked me up. It's quite possible the jet lag and brain fog contributed to my getting tickled. I'm just glad that my stylist was unfazed by my shaking shoulders as I tried to keep from laughing.

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DJG said...

Yep, only in Sweet HOme Alabama!!