Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Over the past couple of weeks, one of my prayers has been that God would help me to see people as He sees them, with His vision. It's easy for me to be critical and judgmental when I'm only seeing people from my point of view and with my limited sight. I want to be more understanding of others, particularly those who I truly don't "get".

God has been answering my prayer in an unexpected way. Rather than revealing to me other people's motives or problems, He has gently but firmly revealing things about myself to me. There have been numerous times over the past couple of weeks when I've started to pass judgment on someone for their perceived laziness or stubborness or whinyness, and all of a sudden God softly speaks to me and reminds me of times when I've acted the same way.

I suppose that, to best see others how God sees them, I must first see myself as God sees me. As I become more sensitive to my sinful nature, I am slower to judge others. (I can't say that I'm not judging at all...but it is coming slower than in the past!)

Further, as I become more aware of my sins, I become more aware of the need of God's grace. And then I am more aware of others' need of grace in their own lives. And so I'm finding myself a little slower to criticize or complain about others, because God is helping me to see so much of myself in them.

As I said, it's been an unexpected way to reveal things to me. But it's definitely eye-opening.

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