Sunday, October 07, 2007

Connecting with God

This morning, Buddy presented an excellent lesson about making spiritual connections--defined as "the way we most naturally connect with God's presence and experience spiritual growth."

It was refreshing to be reminded that we are all individuals, uniquely created by God, and that we all connect with Him in different ways. One of the ways that Satan attacks us is by convincing us that there is only one way to truly connect with God, and that something must be wrong with us if we're not connecting in the same way that everyone else is.

Buddy listed seven types of connection. They are:
-Intellectual (a hunger for God's Word)
-Relational (drawing close to God through significant relationships)
-Activist (having passion for a cause)
-Contemplative (connecting best when alone with God)
-Creation (connecting through nature)

Although I connect with God to various degrees in each of these categories, I'd have to say that my primary way of connecting is in a contemplative way. Creation is a close second, however. There's something so special about experiencing God through the natural beauty, especially the majesty of the heavens, water and mountains (as evidenced by my new header).

Is there one way of connecting that immediately stands out to you? Can you think of any other ways of connecting that are not on this list?

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DJG said...

pretty header...

I think I am a "serving" connector.

Although creation is a close second for me as well. Relationships tend to swing me both ways...if you know what I mean...