Sunday, October 07, 2007

Seeking Him, Chapter 3

As I mentioned the other day, this past week's lesson focused on honesty. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom that I underlined that address honesty and how it pertains to our personal revival:

  • God cannot bless or revive a heart that refuses to acknowledge the truth.
  • God wants to experience intimate fellowship with His children. That is possible only if we are honest with Him about the true condition of our heart as He knows it to be.
  • Honesty is is for our good and by God's mercy that He reveals the truth about us, no matter how shameful that truth may be.

That third point in particular encourages me. I need to remember that I am not meant to keep things to myself--when I allow God to reveal them to me (and when I confess them to Him and to others), it is for my good, not for me to be shamed by them or walk with my head downcast. Part of living life to the full is seeing myself as I truly am, and accepting the grace and mercy that God gives as He forgives my sins and cleanses me. But in order to experience that merciful cleansing, I have to be honest with myself, confess and repent. There is no room for pride.

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