Thursday, November 08, 2007

Change in the Air

Between college football, the beautiful fall foliage and getting to pull my favorite sweaters out of hiding, fall is hands down my favorite season. So far, it's been a fun (with a few depressing moments but fewer than last year) football season so far, and now that the leaves are finally changing colors and sweater weather has arrived, it's really feeling like fall. At least as close as you get to fall in Alabama.

I love it when the seasons change, because I'm reminded that life changes. Although some seasons (particularly winter and summer) seem to linger on and on, inevitably, a new season arrives.

Likewise, in life we go through certain seasons that seem to last forever. We think that we'll always be stuck in them. And yet that is not the case. God does bring morning after night. He does bring sunshine after rain. And He does bring good after bad--in some cases, bringing good out of a bad situation.

If you feel stuck in one of those neverending seasons, take heart--change is on the horizon.

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