Friday, November 09, 2007

Holy vs Hypocritical

This morning I was reading through the Seeking Him study by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, I came across several descriptions of holiness and hypocrisy. This contrast in particular hit me squarely between the eyes:

"Holy people give themselves unreservedly to God and are patient with others who are still in the process.

Hypocrites expect more from others than they are willing to give of themselves."

Ouch! Talk about humbling. Can anyone else relate?



Unfortunately I can relate. What a great quote. Steps all over my toes.

Confessing Lunatic said...

I've never had a problem giving myself to God but I have had impatience with those that have failed to grow. Perhaps it's the log in my own eye that keeps me from seeing the God's time not mine. I wrote about this very thing in my blog, Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend. Check it out if you'd like.