Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quit Yer Bellyachin'

I've posted before about recognizing my need to refrain from complaining, particularly at work. I've been reminded of this over the past few days. There is a relatively new co-worker who I've noticed lately has a tendency to complain. All the time. About everything.

I'm not sure if I just hadn't noticed it before, or if it's gotten worse over the past week. But I do know that it's irritating as all get-out. Of course, that's a big wake-up call to me that I probably sound as whiny and irritating when I complain. The sad thing is that today I found myself complaining about her complaining!

Since I'm a little higher up the ladder than she is, not to mention a decade older, I recognize that I need to set an example and fight the temptation to complain, especially in front of her. Prayers, y'all. Sometimes it's hard to be the one setting the example!

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