Monday, November 12, 2007

Call Me Scrooge

On the way home from work tonight, I spotted my first Christmas light-decorated house of the season. While the retailers have been playing "Jingle Bells" and "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" since Halloween, this was the first house I'd seen that had dragged out the lights.

For Pete's sake, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, people!

Am I being a Scrooge here? I love Christmas, but I don't like skipping over Thanksgiving to get to it. Of course, Thanksgiving doesn't have all the lights and sounds that Christmas does.

So what's your opinion--yea or nay to cranking up the Christmas spirit in November?


Anonymous said...

I had rather wait until after Thanksgiving to start up the lights. In Honduras, there was a Christmas train giving rides in the big city and lights were up even in the little towns!

DJG said...

The new owners of the fishing resort put up one of those yard blow up things with snow flakes....I have already threatened to take my BB gun down there!!

AFTER THANKSGIVING....but for me after December 1...My little girls birthday is 11/27 and I want it to be separate from Christmas...for her.

Snapshot said...

I start putting up the decorations the week of Thanksgiving. But only that early because my Mom's family all comes to my house the weekend of Thanksgiving and we have our Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering of cousins and extended family. So I just try to overlook the decorations until after Thanksgiving is offically over. I don't cut on the lights until after Thanksgiving. Cause I know there are neighbors like Donna waiting in the bushes with BB guns!

Jessica said...

Thank you for your insight and encouragement on my last post Lisa! How did you stumble upon it?

I saw my first lights of the season today too ...

It's so weird. 60 degrees. In Chicago. In the middle of November. 24 hour Christmas music. And now Christmas lights. I'm not ready for Christmas yet, either.

Tara said...

I must say this is a huge pet peeve of mine. We have seen several houses here with lights up already and luckily my girls always ask, "Are they crazy, don't they know Thanksgiving comes first!" I have them trained!

I love Christmas, but as the girls get older I see Thanksgiving becoming my favorite holiday. There is so much to be thankful for that we should consider everyday a day of Thanksgiving! So yes, it bothers me to see the world skipping right over this wonderful day.

As Lillie said a while back, Thanksgiving is when God gets all the gifts. And I couldn't agree more!

Suldog said...


This is such a peeve of mine, I've begun a "movement" to stop it.

(Well, actually, I ranted a bit, and it has turned into a movement :-) )

Please go to:

If you feel inclined to participate, that would be great.