Friday, January 18, 2008

Discerning God's Voice

Last night I was part of a new ladies' Bible study that will be using the workbook Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer as our study material. We watched an introductory video for the study and then spent a few minutes discussing our views on God speaking to us.

I think all of us in the study agreed that God does indeed speak to His people today, but so many times we are not listening. One point that was made in the video is that when God speaks to us, often He's asking us to do something. I wonder if our level of hearing God's voice is related to our willingness to be obedient to what He calls to do...i.e., the more willing we are to obey, the more likely it is that we'll hear Him.

What are your thoughts on this? In what ways does God speak to you? Do you find yourself "hearing" from Him more often when your heart is more tender to being obedient to Him?


Snapshot said...

I find that God speaks to me often by putting people in my mind. For instance, I thought of a girl I graduated from college with the other day and I haven't seen or heard from her in years. I've spent the past few days praying for her. I think God put her in my heart and mind for a purpose. I may never know what that purpose was, but I have to follow His leading to be in prayer for her.

I also have recently had situations of unrest in my life and God has put people in my path that have said things I needed to hear that have given me clarity and peace regarding those situations. I believe God often speaks to us through others. The kicker is knowing how to recognize that and when you do, having faith to accept it's Him. Satan likes to plant seeds of doubt and fear in situations like that.

He speaks to us every day. Sometimes we aren't listening. But sometimes we are listening, but fail to recognize that it's His voice we are hearing. Most of the time that happens because we haven't talked to him enough to know His voice.

I'm reminded of the scriptures that speak of the sheep knowing the voice of THEIR shepherd. Sometimes we haven't spent enough time getting to know Him. Sad.

Confessing Lunatic said...

I couldn't agree more; my hearing from God has always been related to my willingness to be obedient to His will. During those times when I am most busy and allowing my busyness to overwhelm my personal relationship and time with the Lord are the same times that I can barely recognize His voice much less discern what He is saying.

God speaks most to me in reading the Word and thoughts/devotionals about the Word. I also will hear God through music - again because words are so powerful.

Aleah said...

I completely agree with Snapshot. I think the hingepin in hearing God's voice is knowing what He sounds like. Sometimes I still ask, "Was that You, God?" Or I find myself wondering if "a word" was from God or was it something I just dreamed up. I find that in those times, the only answer is to spend more time with Him. More time listening, seeking, reading, absorbing, experiencing, resting and waiting. Sometimes He speaks softly so we will lean in real close to hear Him.