Friday, March 21, 2008

First Day

Surprisingly, I picked 14 out of the 16 winners in the first day of the tournament. (And yes, the Duke game was not a fun one, but at least they lived to fight another day.) The two teams that I incorrectly predicted to win were, of course, the SEC teams, Georgia and Kentucky.

Hopefully the remaining SEC teams will fare better today--although I did pick Indiana over Arkansas. My dad's from Indiana, which makes me half-Hoosier, so I have to go with them. Plus, with all the Ralph Sampson drama, I feel bad for the Indiana players and would like to see them have at least one win in the tournament. And I never liked the Razorbacks anyway, even when they won the title years ago.

As I said before, I often lead with my heart rather than my head. But so far, at 14 for 16, my heart's not doing bad!

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