Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

Some days, life is really hard. Some nights I crawl into bed frustrated and broken and focused on what's gone wrong or what I've lost or what I don't have that I want or what I do have that I don't want. In times like that, I have to remind myself that God has promised to supply all my needs, and that He always keeps all of His promises, so I really have no reason to worry or get worked up.

Truly, the gift of His salvation is enough--more than enough--for me. And yet He has blessed with so much more than I could possibly recount. Then there are those times when He gives me a glimpse into ways that He is working in my life and the lives of those around me, and I am almost speechless with His abundance.

This has been one of those weeks. A dear friend of mine and her husband have been waiting to adopt. A couple of months ago, they were chosen by the birth mother of a baby girl to be the adoptive parents, only to find out soon after that there were some legal complications and they would not be getting the baby after all. Last week, they got word that the situation had changed, and this week they are picking up their baby girl--the same one they thought they would not be able to adopt. They plan to be home in time to present her to our church body this Sunday--Mother's Day. I imagine there will be many joyful tear-filled eyes that day, mine included, as we welcome this precious child into our church.

As if that wasn't good news enough, I found out that I will be an aunt again this fall! And it's another girl, my third niece. Another precious baby to meet and love.

It's been a sweet week. My cup runneth over.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Great news for your friends . . . and for you. What a wonderful God we serve.


Nickers and Ink


Dee Andrews said...

Lisa -

I'm sorry I haven't read your blog or commented in so long. Somehow, I lost your website!?!

But, I'm at my mom's right now in Abilene and found it here on her computer under my links to favorite blogs, and I was SO happy to find it again. I'll have to try to remember to write it down somewhere safe to take home with me when I fly back to south Mississippi next week.

This is a good post and very happy one! I just read your last several posts to try to get caught up a bit.

Drop by Finding Direction when you have time and leave a comment and then I'll have your website that way, too!

Hope you are doing well.

Much love,


Snapshot said...

Being an aunt is the absolute best!