Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Seeking Advice

In the wake of Bama's rout of Clemson [I'm still doing a mental happy dance in my head], I have to admit that I was rather impressed by Tigers coach Tommy Bowden's response: He sought advice from some of the game's leading coaches, ranging from his dad (Florida State coaching icon Bobby Bowden) to none other than the coach whose team whipped Clemson, Nick Saban.

I have a feeling that, if I were in his shoes, that would not be the route I would have chosen. I imagine I'd be tempted to blame others, or to avoid talking about the game, or hide from civilization altogether. Embarrassment and loss--particularly of the public sort--are not easy pills to swallow. It's difficult to set aside pride and seek advice from others, particularly from those you thought you could beat.

I think it's a valuable lesson in my Christian walk about the need to let go of pride and not be afraid to ask others for advice and help. When I mess up, it's all too tempting to try to hide or shift blame to someone else rather than admit my mistakes and seek help to make things right. Of course, God is the One I need to run to and seek wisdom from first and foremost, but He has placed others in my life to help guide me on this journey as well. It's selfish--not to mention foolish--of me to think that I can handle the ups and downs of my life alone. The people God has put into my life are not here by accident or just as window dressing. He uses them in valuable ways to help mold and shape me into the woman He wants me to become, to challenge and exhort me, to encourage and pray for me. I need to take advantage of those gifts and not let my pride get in the way.


Snapshot said...'s a problem.....for many of different times.....

Donna said...

all is well with the world when Bama wins...

I think that is a great analogy to what our attitude should be about picking ourselves up from a fall. Look to someone who has done it right and listen to what they say with an open heart. Still easier said than done.